We can provide all the services required in case of ISCIR audits. In accordance with Article 35 let. a) of the Order no. 382/2009, ISCIR holder / installer / user units are required to “nominate RSVTI operators for all ISCIR installations / equipment that they own / use”.


Get an ISCIR authorization from Oustand!

ISCIR: What does it mean and when do you need this service?

  • cranes, lifting mechanisms, forklifts;
  • self-propelled platforms and platforms;
  • vehicle elevators;
  • lifts;
  • cable transport installations;
  • cable cars, gondolas, chairlifts, ski lifts, telpher line;
  • cables, chains, strips, cords, hooks and load-carrying and load-carrying elements used in IR;
  • sloping transport facilities;
  • stage halls, decorative hatchways and curtain installations;
  • installations and equipment installed and used in amusement parks and playgrounds.
  • steam, hot or hot water and similar boilers;
  • pressure vessels;
  • pressure fluids.

How can an ISCIR authorized company help you?

ISCIR authorization renewal

The ISCIR permit certifies that all types of machinery, lifts and heating systems are working properly. This type of authorisation is valid for two years and to renew it you need an authorised ISCIR representative. We will take care of both the application itself and the complete technical documentation for each machine.

ISCIR authorization for central heating

If you want it to operate legally, you need an ISCIR permit for the unit! This certifies that it is installed by qualified personnel and compatible with the supply systems to reduce any risk or malfunction. The ISCIR authorisation for the central heating unit is given when it is installed and is valid for two years, after which it must be renewed periodically.

ISCIR technical requirements

The ISCIR technical requirements consist of the standards required for the design, manufacture and assembly of machinery with a high risk potential. Compliance with them is mandatory and their purpose is to ensure the safety of personnel and the environment. Otherwise, it can result in a ban on use, withdrawal of the operating licence or severe penalties.

Periodic inspection of heating unit

We provide you with full ISCIR/RSVTI services, including the overhaul of your heating system. A specialist will check it and ensure it is operating safely and in optimal conditions. Regular servicing is essential to avoid risks of explosion or fire, but also to reduce maintenance costs and energy consumption.


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Intrebari frecvente

ISCIR se refera la Inspectoratul de Stat pentru Controlul Cazanelor, Instalatiilor de Ridicat si Recipientilor sub Presiune, iar RSVTI este folosit atunci cand vorbim de Responsabilul cu Situatiile de Urgenta si Securitate la Incendiu.

Specialistii Outstand sunt experti in inspectia, testarea, verificarea si certificarea echipamentelor si a instalatiilor sub presiune sau cu risc ridicat. De asemenea, Outstand ofera si instruirea angajatilor in scopul folosirii acestor echipamente.

Autorizatiile ISCIR sunt valabile pentru o perioada de doi ani, iar pentru reinnoire, este necesara prezenta unui reprezentant autorizat ISCIR. Acesta va atesta faptul ca centralele termice, lifturile si utilajele functioneaza in parametri normali.

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