Occupational Health & Safety

Full SSM services

(including necessary equipment)

Rapid implementation to comply with the law

Representation before the authorities

Special situation consultancy

OSH services provided

A service often minimized as importance, Health & Safety needs to be ensured in all companies for employee’s security, to prevent work accidents, but also to avoid fines in case of ITM inspection.

Custom instructions for first aid in case of an accident

Custom instructions regarding Health & Safety

Training topics based on the company's activities

Decisions appointing designated workers

Company-level training and testing program regarding Health & Safety

Internal regulation for individual protection equipment

Occupational health and safety is an area regulated by law 319/2006, therefore all companies are obliged to treat this subject seriously. Periodically and depending on the activity performed, we all need assistance and consultancy on OHS, whether we work in the private or public sector.

Why add yet another worry when you can have full OHS services? Of course, the law says that you can do this in-house, but you need to have the necessary capacity in the field, no particular risks and a high level of staffing. Not to mention that legislation changes, and if you’re not up to date with the latest changes, you’re putting yourself at unnecessary risk.

We’ve thought of everything, that’s why we’ve prepared a wide range of OHS services to cover all possible risks, including sanctions from the authorities. You get a team dedicated to your company’s success, attentive to detail and flexible to your needs. Discover Outstand Safety Solutions’ full OHS services package!


Services details:

Complementary OHS services provided

OHS risk assessment

Prevention is the best cure! That's why we believe that a OHS risk assessment is an important step in creating a safe working environment. In this way, risks first become known, then reduced. The OHS risk assessment is divided into several steps, such as training workers, preventing risks and ensuring the necessary organisation for implementation.

OHS sheets

We've all seen those OHS individual training sheets at least once. The sheets will be completed by your company's employees, closely assisted by one of our colleagues. They will carry out the OHS training and ensure that all the rules are understood and remembered by the employees.

OHS training

OHS training is one of your obligations as an employer. But there are real problems with remembering information, and proper OHS training is done using modern teaching materials. For this reason, we have created our own online training application. We realised that there was a real need to adapt to the digital environment. Let's see what it's all about!

OHS regulations

The optimal working conditions of your company's activities are based on certain OHS regulations. The employee's ability to work and his or her health are maintained by a series of measures taken by the employer. There are dozens of such regulations, the most well known being the Labour Code, but also the law 319/2006 regulating the OHS regulations.


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Intrebari frecvente

Da, serviciile de Securitate si Sanatate in munca sunt obligatorii indiferent de domeniul de activitate al unei firme sau companii. Apeleaza cu incredere la Outstand pentru servicii SSM profesioniste!

Alaturi de prevenirea accidentelor de munca, respectarea normelor SSM asigura si evitarea amenzilor usturatoare in eventualitatea controalelor din partea ITM!

Outstand iti ofera atat consultanta pe partea de servicii SSM, cat si reprezentanta in fata autoritatilor. In plus, Outstand are un portofoliu important de clienti, acumulat pe durata celor 15 ani de activitate in domeniu!

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