Waste management



in documentation and implementation

Assign an experienced Environmental Officer

who will guarantee the safety of your company

Environmental safety

by ensuring the traceability of selective waste to the waste collector

Taking full responsibility

including representation at the thematic control

Waste management

Waste management
AFM Reporting - Reporting to AFM covering all types of packaging introduced by your company
ANPM Report - Taking full responsibility for waste management
Selective waste collection - Collection of selective waste generated and ensuring traceability to the waste recovery facility

What does waste management accounting involve?

In order to meet the objectives of this law, all waste producers are required to designate a person or outsource this obligation to a third person trained in the field of waste management.

Many taxpayers are not paying too much importance to waste management, but in reality you can be fined because you do not keep track of … the plastic glass that you use to drink water or the paper that you consume in the company and you throw away.

We can provide solutions for waste management and waste management records, as well as annual reporting to the Environment Agency through our partners.

Waste management

Complementary Services

OHS – Occupational Health and Safety (Labour Protection)

A service often minimized as importance, Health & Safety needs to be ensured in all companies for employee’s security, to prevent work accidents, but also to avoid fines in case of ITM inspection.

ES – Fire prevention and Emergency Situations

Compulsory service according to the legislation in force and required under IGSU inspection conditions - General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations and / or in case of an unfortunate emergency.

Risk assessments

Mandatory documents, as required by law, neccessary in case of ITM inspection, but useful for the prevention and reduction / elimination of risks in your company.


Starting with 25 of May 2018, the European Regulation, called GDPR, came into force, valid in all EU countries.

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What does waste management record entail?

Taking full responsibility for waste management and assigning an environmental specialist according to Law 211/2011

  • Preparation of the own waste record file that includes the identification, classification and differentiated reporting of the types of waste generated according to: GD 865/2002 and Law 211/2011.
  • Drawing up the plan to prevent and reduce the amount of waste generated.
  • Audit (viewing location, consulting and offering collection recipients, waste history check, sanitation contract check).
  • Training staff to understand the importance of selective collection of generated waste.

Reports to the AFM including all types of packaging introduced by your company on the Romanian market (imports and/or production), as well as the exact quantities of each type of packaging.

  • Preparation of specific declarations to the Environmental Fund Administration, in accordance with the legislation in force and their submission
  • Identifying obligations to the environmental fund, providing support for the preparation of declarations (packaging, electrical and electronic equipment, batteries, ferrous and non-ferrous waste, etc.).

Collecting the selective waste generated and ensuring traceability to the recycler.

Consulting on the sorting of generated waste and understanding its importance, both legally and ecologically.

Waste sorting is done as follows:

  • Paper and cardboard are collected in the blue bins
  • Plastic is collected in the yellow bins
  • Glass is collected in the green bins

Law no. 211/2011 on the waste regime establishes the necessary measures for the protection of the environment and the health of the population, by preventing or reducing the adverse effects determined by the generation and management of waste.


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Waste management
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