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Occupational health services

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Occupational health
Occupational health

Occupational health check for employment

We’ve set you up with comprehensive occupational health services by working with a reliable partner who values speed and professionalism. It will provide you with a wide range of medical services that will ensure the safety of your employees at work. You’ll give them access to the necessary occupational health paperwork and in return you’ll get regular check-ups, skills assessments, tests and examinations to screen for any work-related health problems, depending on your field of activity.

Occupational medicine is mandatory for all employees of a company. It ensures that employees can meet both the physical and mental demands of the job. You will minimise possible risks or accidents at work and protect their performance. To work safely you need to monitor their health, especially if they work with heavy machinery or hazardous substances, including noise or vibration.

An occupational health service will also issue you with certificates or attestations, together with recommendations from a specialist, in order to protect safety at work and prevent accidents or errors as much as possible.

Schedule an occupational health check-up today and take advantage of Outstand Safety Solutions’ expertise. Plus, when you outsource this service, you’ll free up your time to focus on other important aspects of your business.

When do you need occupational health services?

Medical services such as:
A. Medical exam for new hires;
B. Periodical medical exam;
C. Medical exam for restarting the activity;

Occupational health

What does an occupational medicine practice in Bucharest offer you?

Occupational medicine skills sheet

This includes information on employees' health status, history and medical examinations that identify any health problems they may have. The skills sheet is an important document, and if completed correctly and kept up to date, it helps both to protect the safety of employees and to prevent possible accidents at work.

Labor medicine analyses

We will put you in touch with an occupational medicine practice in Bucharest, where your employees will benefit from a medical assessment. The purpose of these assessments is to identify health problems that could affect work performance and then to recommend protective measures. Protect your employees and offer them comprehensive occupational health services!

Regular medical check-up

Depending on the field you work in, your employees may need regular medical check-ups to identify possible health problems early on. For example, if they are exposed to hazardous substances at work, regular medical assessments and advice on protective measures are needed.

Online occupational health certificate

Once your employees have completed the medical assessment process and their tests certify that they are fit for work, we can issue the occupational health certificate online! It's a fast and efficient solution that will protect their personal data and provide you with the document you need to employ them. Choose to take the hassle out of your job and benefit from comprehensive occupational health services through our trusted partner.


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Occupational health
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