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Periodic training

With online learning, your employees can access content easier. Due to its convenience and flexibility, the online Health & Safety trainings are available from anywhere and at any time without disrupting the working process.

Online Trainings
Online Trainings

Periodic online training

Online is always easier! Regular OHS training services are a modern way to learn about how to protect yourself against possible accidents at work and avoid health problems that may be associated with them. When you choose online training, you benefit from a flexible and much more convenient alternative, along with many other advantages. Let’s explore them together!

Discover the OHS Outstand Safety Solutions app, a fast and friendly solution for you and your employees. They can complete their regular training by going through the learning materials, which consist of several courses in the form of presentations or videos. They will learn how to identify and minimise the risks associated with an accident in the workplace, along with the OHS rules involved in the work they do. Unlike traditional OHS training, employees go through the material at their own pace and can choose their own timing, depending on their work schedule. These interactive modules also have a testing part! The employer can check learning at any time, and everyone can sign the evidence directly in the OHS application.

Regular training will help your company become a workplace where the safety of your employees comes first! Another benefit of online training is easy access to information from wherever you are. Costs are also reduced. Because everything is stored in the app, you don’t need any more binders. Are your employees not paying attention at training sessions? Then a modern solution that gives them freedom of movement will certainly appeal to them. Regular training can become an enjoyable and memorable experience if you use an online app.

Regular OHS training just got easier! You get rid of the hassle, save money, time and paper, have all the information centralised and your employees enjoy flexibility. We wanted to simplify this process to protect workplace safety, but also to give you time to take care of other important issues for your company. Fill in the form and see for yourself exactly what it’s all about!

Choose online training services from Outstand!

By providing reports we make sure you that you will always be able to check on your employees’ learning status.

A very friendly app, easy to use for employees and employer, and most important: a time and money saver. Join us online! 🙂

Online Trainings

Access to online OHS application

Access to online OHS application

Regular OHS training is mandatory for all employees of the institution, and traditional training involves physical attendance at these courses. If you use an online OHS application, your employees have access to useful resources at all times and you receive all the information centrally.

Obtaining the OHS training sheet

After completing the learning process, employees fill in the answers in the OHS application and at the end the grades are centralised in a detailed report. If they get a pass mark, they sign the documents directly in the application, and then the employer can check or download the training sheets.

Documents with electronic signature

Thanks to the latest updates of the Law 208/2021 on electronic signature, documents certifying the OHS periodic training can be signed directly in the application. Say goodbye to the classic training sheets and use our e-learning application!

Regular OHS training

Regular OHS training is mandatory! Employees will store all sorts of useful information, such as resources on workplace safety, what to do in case of an earthquake or fire, and even first aid courses.


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Online Trainings
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Intrebari frecvente

Instructajul periodic iti asigura cunostintele necesare cu privire la protectia impotriva posibilelor accidente de munca, dar si a problemelor de sanatate asociate postului.

Desigur! Outstand Safety Solutions iti ofera posibilitatea de a completa fisa de instructaj online, documentul beneficiind si de semnatura electronica. Totul este mai simplu, cu Outstand!

Cere oferta Outstand si vei putea obtine accesul la propria noastra aplicatie de instructaj online, valabila atat pentru angajati, cat si pentru angajator. Ai parte de flexibilitate, oricand!

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