Law obligations regarding the fire security clearance

Starting with November 2015, the businesses functioning without the fire security clearance are obliged to obtain this document otherwise are risking the sealing of the construction and the establishments.

These changes are brought up through OUG no. 52/2015 to modify and complete the Law no. 307/2006 regarding Fire Security and Law no. 33/2016 regarding the approval of OUG no. 52/2015.

Briefly, the constructions and establishments functioning without the fire security clearance are obliged to obtain this document before December 31st 2016, or else they are risking the sealing of the constructions/ establishments in the working spaces where fire security norms are broken and this clearance is missing.

The obligation of obtaining this document is laid upon the beneficiary of the investment or the legal persona who is financing and intervenes at the current constructions or makes new investments.

The authorities can decide shutting down a construction for breaking the fire safety norms, without obtaining the fire security clearance.

In case of sealing, the economic agents are under obligation to notify the customers by placing in plain sight the announcement regarding the activity’s shut down.

In case of the constructions/ establishments destined to trade, culture or tourism that have obtained the fire security clearance, shutting down can be disposed in any of the following situations:

  • surpassing with more than 10% the number of users for which the fire security clearance was obtained;
  • surpassing the number of floors admitted for the level V of fire stability/fire resistance buildings;
  • closing one exit path when, according to the specific technical regulations, two or more exit paths are required, according to the reference value.
  • reducing with more than 25% the height / width of the exit paths, when the deficiency can’t be removed during the control;
  • closing installations/fire extinction systems or the detecting, signaling and warning systems of a fire.
  • closing installations/smoking systems or the evacuation security lighting system.
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