Occupational stress

Following the growth of the safety level and the improvement of the working circumstances the European Agency for Health and Safety published a report presenting the psychosocial risks at the workplace.

The report analyses the correlations between risk, health and wealth, analyses the way institutions act against psychosocial risk and gives combat suggestions.

Study shows 25% of the employees confront professional stress on their entire time at work or the most of it. A similar percentage declares work harms their health.

The most common risks relate to the type of work performed by employees, whether talking about monotonous or complex tasks, whether talking about the intensity level of the labour. Occupational stress usually occurs due to a high level of work intensity.

There are, obviously, differences between the specific working conditions of every activity area but also, gender related differences (men have longer working hours, women have more difficulties in advancing in their career).

The fight against occupational stress is a staged process involving changes in the working environment and, most importantly, depends on the staff’s involvement. Companies can better prevent risks if they have a health and safety management system.

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