The ITM verification and work accidents

Health and Safety and Emergency Situations domains are considered and treated, for now, as less important services, sometimes even useless. Their importance is clarified in two important moments: in case of an ITM check or in case of a work accident.

It’s soothing for a legal representative to know that in case of inspection, he can trustfully contact the licensed company with whom he signed a contract.

If during an inspection everything is about the document compliance, in case of a work accident things are a little bit more complicated.

From January to February 2014, the Labour Inspection made 102.403 checks and fined 20.122 employers. 29.636 fines were given, including verbal notice, and the amount of the fines has reached 69.220.600 lei. In the same time, in the Health and Safety domain are applied fines with a total value of 387.000 lei.

According to a study publish by ESAW (European Statistics regarding Work accidents) in 2014 in Europe, Romania is the second country with more deadly accidents at the workplace with 3.8 accidents at 100.000 employers. The business areas where the employers were more often involved in accident are construction (2284) and farming (2017).

This data proves than no business is saved from this kind of events. Amongst the main causes of work accidents is not wearing the safety equipment, not giving enough importance to the risks at the workplace but also the lack of a proper training.

The decrease of work accidents is also due to acknowledging the danger, talking both about the employees and the employer, the second one choosing to treat this matter more carefully.

An external service can give you extra safety for your employees, but also for your company, being prepared to answer all the needs. Whether we’re talking about accident assistance or in case of inspection, whether we’re talking about training the employees and drawing the documents, Outstand Solutions is at your service.

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