Protective goggles – obligation or NOT for the employer?

According to Decision No 1028/2006 concerning the minimum work safety and health requirements relating to the use of screen display equipment, there is a minimum of working conditions which the employer is obliged to give to his employees.

Among them, first of all, the employer must organize the activity of the employees with sufficient breaks from work with the screens to reduce the overburden.

Employees must be granted free medical examinations at regular intervals before the start of their activity, or whenever disturbance occurs. If necessary, employees will be provided with corrective devices on the basis of the report of occupational medicine.

Protection of the eyes and vision of the workers may be cost-effective within the national health system, in accordance with the legislation in force, pursuant to Decision No 1028/2006.

To avoid eyestrain or headaches caused by viewing screens, it is recommended to take breaks every hour, during which we can also perform several exercises, for example: Keep your eyes closed for 1 minute or choose a distant object behind the monitor, which you should look at for 1 minute.

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