What does PRAM mean?

PRAM is the verification of the grounding outlets and the lightning rod.

Usually, this verification must be done annual, and its purpose is to prevent the employees’ electrocution when using the electric system or the working equipments. Moreover, it prevents fire and the damage of the electrical equipments.

After the electrical verification by a licensed company or person that are specialized in this domain (ANRE licensed), a verification report attesting the non-compliances observed will be written. The non-compliances have to be immediately fixed. If this report is missing, the company is sanctioned according to the Law no. 319/2006 of Health and Safety, article 39 (9.f) with a fine up to 10.000 lei.

HG no. 1146/2006 Annex 1, paragraph stipulates that the electrical installations and work have to be checked before being functional, and then periodically when operating them and also after every repair or modification. It is strictly forbidden to use the installation or the equipment who failed to pass the check.

The PRAM report is measuring the resistance of the grounding installation and the lightning rod’s dispersion and it is measured with a special device.

The periodical electrical verification must be done accordingly to the law, as following:

  • Low tension systems (exception: poles): every 2 years;
  • In underground exploits (local ones): twice a year;
  • In underground exploits (for the general network): once a year;
  • In dangerous environment: once a year;
  • Checking the corrosive degree of the grounding: ten years after installing, and after at least once every 5 years;
  • In underground and local grounding: twice a year;
  • At the general grounding network: at least once a year.

The Territorial Working Inspectorate, Consumer’s Protection and The Emergency situations Inspectorate can check your company’s periodical PRAM checks.

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